Get your daily dose of powerful green grass goodness

Buy a box of 30 sachets and youšll have enough Wheat Grass power to fuel all those late night Salsa classes and early morning gym sessions for an entire month. Carry on slurping the green juice every day and your body will love you forever and so will we! You can buy from the Wheatgrass website at anytime of the day or night. Colin is online now to take your order.

Box of 30 Wheat Grass Sachets

Box of 30 Wheat Grass Sachets
Our Wheat Grass contains nothing but natural goodness. It¹s been the secret health weapon of celebs, Olympic athletes and even Batman. The green power of this grass will take the world by storm, so be one of the first to benefit from our Wheat Grass powder and make it YOUR secret weapon. 

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What to take...

Wheat Grass won't make you superhuman overnight - it'll take a couple of weeks! The recommended dose for any human or urban cow is 1-2 sachets per day. This will depend on your lifestyle, so just experiment and see how you feel.

...and when to take it

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are great times to give your body a green power lift. You'll find this will give you additional energy and alertness around the clock.