Wheatgrass Info

For years, humans have marvelled over the weird health and healing benefits of Wheatgrass. Our ancient ancestors grazed on it in order to maintain healthy digestion and promote general well-being. Now the green power drink is chugged by the celebrities, brainiacs, sports stars, Batman and a cow called Colin.

Wheatgrass Benefits

Many of the benefits of wheatgrass are anecdotal and people have reported feeling better in many ways. We'd love to understand how wheatgrass does this but medical science is only just beginning to understand the intricacies of the human body. We hope that one day there will be enough research to understand what wheatgreass really does, but until then we recommend trying it for yourself and seeing how you feel.

The taste?

Okay, we'll be honest, the taste is not particularly nice for us humans. But ask any Cow and they'll tell you, "it tastes just like grass, YUMMMM!" As you'll already know, the best things for your body don't always taste like chocolate (if only!!!).


Wheatgrass Powder - £17.99 for 30 sachets

Box of 30 sachets - £17.99

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